What sizes are Tams available in?

We currently offer:

1 Bed compact (23 m2)
1 Bedroom (37m2)
2 Bedroom (62 m2)

Other layouts and sizes are available on request. Tam units have a range of differently profiled roof options which can be connected to form a variety of shape options layouts and designs for larger units.  Tams can also be stacked on top of each other!

What is a Tam made of?

The base Tam design is made using carbon sequestering modular straw and timber panels (that can be made-up off-site) and the panels are then assembled once delivered.

Why would I choose Tam rather than any of the other alternatives on the market?

Here are some extremely compelling reasons to buy a Tam:

Offer flexible accommodation
Low Carbon
Environmentally friendly
Use Natural materials
Low to no VOC’s
Quality – Design and materials
60+ years lifespan
Healthy live / work environment
Breathable building – no condensation – no harmful moulds or bacteria
Over 20 years of product testing and experience
Over £6 million of R&D
ISO 9001 2015 certified


How much does a Tam cost?

The price of a Tam reflects the very high quality of design and construction. It also depends on the location (specifically ground conditions and availability of utilities such a power and water), as well as the size of home you require and the specification of the finish that you want. For more information on the estimated costs for your new Tam home, please click here

How can I buy one?

There are a number of ways to get your hands on a Tam, from outright, upfront purchase to a standard mortgage or to a finance arrangement similar to leasing a car. Please contact us for more information.

Do I need planning permission?

Our team of experts work with the local and regional planning authorities to ensure your Tam can be installed as quickly and easily as possible. Each location has to be assessed, but under the Caravan Act planning permission is usually not required for a Tam. This is dependent on a number of factors which we will discuss with you during your consultation with us.

A second alternative is the use of Chattel Law, which applies where a Tam can draw power, water and use waste water disposal from an existing property, which may also mean planning permission is not needed.

Can our neighbours object?

Neighbours may object, but they have very limited abilities to intervene.

What is the process I will go through to get a Tam?
Further to your consultation with us, and having understood your requirements, we will work with you to identify the best Tam product for you in terms of design, layout, size, specification, fit and finish of the unit. We will do an initial assessment of the viability of an installation at your chosen site. You will then receive your initial quotation. This may include a need for site specific detailed feasibility and or a planning application. Once you are happy to proceed and you can place your order there are three scheduled payments to be made:
1) A deposit with your confirmed order
2) At the start of on-site manufacture
3) A final payment on Completion
How do we connect the utilities?

We use the power, water and drainage from your existing home. Electricity would be taken from the existing house through a sub-meter.

How long does it take from placing my order to living in it?
From confirmed order and subject to the payment schedule being complete, it will take approximately 16 weeks.
How long will the Tam last?

Like all new Homes a Tam has a greater than 60 year Design Life, with the industry standard 10 year warranty.

What's the warranty?

As with all new homes, your Tam comes with the industry standard 10 year warranty.

Can I move the Tam?
Yes you can. The units are quite heavy and would require specialised lifting equipment.
What are the advantages of using straw?

Straw sequesters CO2 by the process of photosynthesis: in this, plants absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. They use the carbon to make cellulose and return the oxygen to atmosphere. Photosynthesis is bio-evolved, solar powered carbon capture with a by-product – oxygen. Tam is built with this captured carbon. A 1 bed Tam unit will sequester around 20,000 kg of CO2. As a result the Tam is a truly less than zero carbon building, which is good for the environment.

With straw, the Tam is a breathable building. It has been shown that a breathable building, that has low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds – often associated with man made materials) and uses natural materials helps with our health and wellbeing.

Building Standards?

The Tam is built to the same standards required of any conventional home built in the UK. The systems components have been rigorously tested.

Tam panels can deliver an airtight construction to PassivHaus specifications if required. As a result, buildings using the Tam approach help deliver zero heat requirements, saving money and CO2emissions. BaleHaus® at Bath (constructed using these principles) has an air tightness over 10 times better than current regulations require.

Tam is one of the lowest carbon footprint housing solution available anywhere.

Is the Tam fire resistant?
The straw in the Tam is tightly packed and enclosed within a structural timber frame, i-joists, sheathing board on the inside surface of the panel and breather board on the outside surface of the panel. This forms a fully enclosed panel with no straw visible. Fire needs a ready supply of oxygen to burn and without it, no combustion will occur. The panels provide a near airless environment, so fire resistance is very good. All Tam panels including compressed straw board, offer 60+ minutes of protection which meets/exceeds current building regulations. Finishing materials to internal and external surfaces will increase these levels through the additional fire resistance levels they offer.
What about its environmental performance?
The Tam exceeds current building insulation regulations. This ensures that the Tam will keep you snug and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Tam panels also cut noise levels, making your living environment even better.
What quality controls do you offer?

The prefabricated panels used in the Tam are from ModCell, who are an ISO 9001-2015 certified company. Panels are entirely manufactured and assembled under controlled conditions. The quality of each panel is assured and signed off at various stages during manufacture. Tam is delivered to site as fully closed modular panels. Moisture content levels are constantly monitored throughout the manufacturing and delivery process.

The Tam exceeds current building insulation regulations (0.15 W/m²K – 0.18 W/m²K). This ensures that the Tam will keep you snug and warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Where can I see a Tam?

There are a number of locations where Tam can be seen in the UK. You can even stay in one, in Bristol, to test it for yourself…

I have a different building in mind, do you build bespoke buildings?

Yes, yes we do! Please contact us via the enquiry page and we will be delighted to provide you with some further information.

Can Tams be used on a large scale?

Yes.  We offer a community led housing and workspace service.  We work closely with a community, to understand its needs and each Individual’s requirements, and to assess what space is available.  We liaise with landowners, such as local councils, to agree the best way of delivering Tams.  We can then set up a ‘flying factory’, as close to the place where Tams are needed, to assemble each Tam.  We will utilise local labour and skills, but also provide opportunity for people to develop skills and experience.  We tap into the resources offered by the local community.

This tried and tested approach ensures Tams are locally manufactured, respond rapidly to demand exactly where it is needed, are affordable and generate a range of socio-economic benefits to the community.  It also means that Tams can be delivered in locations, such as back gardens and under-used space, where other housebuilders will not go.  Consequently Tams can help provide new homes in parallel with more traditional solutions. Everybody wins.